How to write urdu in photoshop

Photoshop allows the user to use many features from Photoshop and it is not difficult to write in the image with English but writing different language is little tricky. For writing, anything with Urdu by Photoshop is possible and that’s why, you need to use tool and the tool is free from Google. The tool is called Google Input Tools and you need to download the application and install it. In the system tray, you will get option to change the language to Urdu. Now you have to start the photoshop and setup settings. Now go to edit section, select preference and select type. Now select Middle Eastern and click on OK button. Now restart the photoshop. Now you need to install Urdu fonts what are available online for free.
Now click on Type and from the language options select Middle Eastern Feature. Now you can try to write in Photoshop. Open a new page and select light to left. Now keep writing and you can easily write Urdu. Now you can type in English and it will be converted in Urdu. Now you can give photoshop effect on the writing. Many people in Pakistan do not know this method. This method helps to write Urdu faster.