How to write self cheque

It is necessary to write check in correct way. Many people do not know how to write a check and some people feel afraid of writing check for themselves. Here, we will show you how to write a check. First, do not get afraid, it is not difficult task. You have to use a pen for writing a check. All bank checks are almost similar and once you know how to write a check, you can apply the same method for all banks.
The bank check is a like a form and according to the asking data, you have to put all information on the check. You have to give date on the left side and below that you need to write your name. if you give this check to anyone, then mention his or her name below the name. Now write the amount in words. In the place of the amount, you have to mention the amount in number. You have to check the account number and check the check number. You have to give signature below. If you do not find any mistake in your write and in the check, now you can submit the check to bank.
Cancelling the words ‘Or Bearer’ and adding ‘A/C Payee’ make sure that no one apart from the person in whose favor the check is strained can get the money. If you do not cross the words ‘Or Bearer’, it can be preserved as a Bearer check and any person holding the check can claim the money. Imagine if a check is lost, all this comes in to play.