How to write faster

Writing faster is a matter of lot of practice and you have to confirm that you are writing faster as well as what you are writing is correct. Spelling mistake is a serious issue and bad hand writing may create problems in writing what primarily impossible to detect. That is why, the writer needs to be alert and manually check while he is writing. The writer needs to know what he is writing and he should be confirmed about the subject of writing. If the writer is unclear about the subject, he cannot write faster. It is also necessary to have thinkability of the writer and it makes the writer to write faster.
Before writing anything, place of sitting should be comfortable and keep the paper on the above place (table) as if the writer can write the article comfortably. The writer should a nice pen a hold the pen with three fingers like he holds a dart for throwing. Use another hand to hold paper and start writing and slowly increase the speed of writing. Once you will reach to the level of the high speed. You have to give attention of attractiveness of writing. If beauty is lost from writing for writing faster, you should be slow to write.