How to write a comment

A comment has important value and before saying or writing any comment, it is necessary to think twice. Writing comment is not easy at all and it is more serious thing. You cannot give any comment what you like. So, the commenter needs to think again before putting any comment. When you listen something, you need to understand first and if it is necessary, you need to ask questions before you put any comment. You should not be serious if anything is wrong in the writing. If you become angry, you may give lewd comments what may bring more trouble for you.
Lewd comments are serious issues and when you write any comment in favor or against any writing, you should not use slang comment. If you use any bad word or slang in your comment, then your comment may not approve by the admin. You should use good form of words when you write a comment or say comment. Do not give any argument if you are right. Be gentle and you have to show the gentility in your comment writing. Before starting the comment, you should specify the writer’s name like “Thank You Mr. Billy”. Your appreciation to the writer encourages the admin to approve the comment. You can explain how this writing helped you. Do not give short comment. At least you should write 50 words comment in decent way.
If you disagree with any matter about writing, you should explain the reason of disagree in polite manner. Do not think to add any link with the comment until it is necessary. Based on the importance, you can add the link in your comment. If you add link unnecessarily, you comment will not be approve. Do not use hard vocabulary what may difficult to read for many readers. Do not be tough if anyone is against you writing or comment.