How to withdraw pf

PF means provident fund and this is provided to the employer after leaving the job. As many employees, get the PF after leaving the job, they do not get any good service from the organization and many employees do not know how to withdraw PF. Some employees want to withdraw the PF early but it is not a good idea. Do not touch the PF until you resign from the job. If you withdraw the Provident fund within 5 years, you have to pay tax but if you withdraw the amount after certain year, you do not need to pay tax and you will get more profit from the bank. You can transfer your PF to another company if you change your job and that is why, you need to follow some procedure.
The employer can easily withdraw the amount of PF when maturity of PF occurs. That’s because the employees need to go through a procedure for getting the PF. The organization and bank have some guideline what he needs to follow. Getting the PF, it is necessary to get a signature from the employer and the employer may make chaos. In India, you can withdraw PF without the employer’s signature. So, you need to use the national ID.