How to win friends and influence people audiobook

How To Win Friends & Influence People is an audio book and this book is very popular for making people together. This book is written by Dale Carnegie and narrated by Andrew MacMillan. This book was published in 1998 and since then people have liked this book. The duration of the book is 7 hours 15 minutes. This book helps people to grow warm relation. From this book, you will learn how to win friends quick and how can you be popular among friends. You will get different methods in this book on different perspectives.
From this book, you will learn the six ways to make people like you. The twelve ways to win people to your way of rational. The nine ways to alter people without arousing bitterness. You can buy the book from This book also available in different formats and prices of the book are based on the formats of the book. Audio CD is found $29.85. There are some audiobooks library where you can hire the book. You can access this book as trial version. This book has got many reviews from different users and most of the reviews are positive. You can check from amazon.