How to whiten teeth in photoshop

Smartness and usability of Photoshop are strongly powerful. This application is used for image editing. It is very easy to use and it has tons of features what can be used once the user purchase this application. Various hidden features are available in this application and with this application, many abstract image can be created and user of Photoshop can use many awesome effects. However, you can manipulate any image and make any old pictures to new. If you want to whiten the teen of the object of the image, you will not find any better tool than Photoshop.
You have to open the image by the Photoshop if you want to make the picture perfect or edit the image or you want to change the color of the teeth. You can use any version of the Photoshop but choosing the latest one is very good idea. Now from the left you will get select tool what you need to use selection tool. You will select the teeth area. Now you can increase brightness little. You need to make the whiten naturally. That is why, brightness method you may not like so much. You may follow the below method.
You should upload the picture and use the Lasso tool from the left panel for selecting the teeth. You need to draw the full area with the Lasso tool. If in the picture, multiple people are present, you have to work individually for multiple person. You have to adjust Hue/Saturation for the adjustment. It is not necessary to make everything accurate. You should to try to bring perfect. You have to complete the process layer to layer. From the layer of the box, Click the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and work individually for each person from the image.
By default, Hue/Saturation will touch all colors in the image equally for the teeth and background. That’s why, the Edit option is near on the top of the panel is set to Master to Yellow. Now select the Saturation bar and lower the Saturation. You have to adjust Saturation with the mouse pointer. With the Saturation, you can lower the Yellow color from the image and make teeth white. Once you have completed the change the settings are ok, you need to set back the edit mode from Yellow to master. Now using the brush tool, remove unnecessary brightening from teeth. Now clean the upper area. You may change the opacity to lower for the lower teeth.