How to view soundcloud history

SoundCloud is an online audio distribution platform and it is very popular. It is based in Berlin, Germany. You will get many audio files online and you can listen those audio files for free. You cannot download and it is not necessary to download. You can listen again and again from others playlist. Once you have played an audio file from one playlist, you will get the name of the audio track in the sound cloud history under your account. It is very easy access the recently played music list. Even you can see the whole history of listening any audio file. You will not face any trouble for accessing any audio file from the SoundCloud.
In 2016, Recently Played tracks and Listening History features were added. So, people do not need to find the track or the audio file. You will get the all history listening audio file from the history and recently played. You have to connect with your profile. You will get the feature from the Collection tab on your profile. You will get these two features. Opening an account in SoundCloud is not very difficult. You need to have an account in social networking site or an email for opening an account.