How to view private instagram profiles no survey

Instagram is a secured social networking service and it is impossible to see any hidden picture from any account of any user. Day by day, security has been increase of Instagram and that is why, it is getting impossible to view any image from Instagram. You can view the part of the profile of the account in Instagram according to the user’s permission. There is not any white way to see the hidden things from the profile. However, once it was very easy to access personal profile of the Instagram account but it is not. Once People completed survey and submit the profile of the account to open the account but it is not available now. You can view the profile bellow 3 ways.
You can ask the person directly to show you the profile. Your polite request may be granted by the person. If he is your best friend and he does not what any misunderstanding with you, he may show you the profile picture. Although, he disagrees to show you, you have nothing to do except a new request. You can send him or her to request to show you the private pictures. If the person feels for you, he/she may grant to show you picture. If he disagrees to do so, do not be temper and if you become temper the relation may break.
However, if you want to see someone’s personal pictures, it may be a sign of distrust him and thus relation may break. You should be careful when you request someone to see his or her personal profile. You can tell him that you are too curious and that is why, you are willing to see him or personal picture. You can ensure them that the hidden pictured do not put any bad impact on the relation.
There are several tools available what may you give you result but those tools ask you to join in the survey. Do not trust on those sites. Most of the sites and tools are false. Attempting hacking of an Instagram account is unethical and do not should try to hack any person account without mention the person. If you try to use tool or hack the account, you will not get any good result except losing time. You may lose your Instagram account if Instagram authority can identify you. You may face legal trouble for the hacking attempt.