How to view hidden facebook pics

Facebook is a strong social media site and comparatively all other social media site, this site has many users and members. Hackers tend to attack on Facebook for hijacking information. However, many people want to know how to view hidden Facebook pics. Because of attack from hackers, Facebook has taken many necessary steps for increasing the security of the Facebook. So, it is not easy to hack Facebook now and view hidden pictures. When Facebook was new and at the developing stage, then it was easier to see the hidden pictures but now it is not possible. There are some extensions available for Google Chrome but those extensions do not work now.
If you search online for finding hidden images from Facebook, you will get many such tools but those are fake and do not install any application from those fake tools what may hack your computer. Many threatening tools and applications may insert in your computer. That is why, you should remain careful. Do not try to hack any Facebook account for seeing hidden pictures what can be serious issues for you. You may face legal trouble from the users and Facebook authority may block your Facebook account forever. You should be careful and do not try to do any illegal attempt.