B1555 Code

Definition of the B1555 Code is different and you will get the meaning of the code from the dictionary of auto but you need to know the model number and manufacturer name for solving the issue. You can read the car manual where you will get the manufacturer name and model number. Get the dictionary meaning and the dictionary meaning for the code is B for Body Code Problem is antilock brake system, electronic suspension and steering systems. 1 for MFG – Manufacturer Specific. 5 for Computer and Auxiliary Outputs. 5 for TP Sensor Learn Not Complete and 5 for Park or Neutral Position (PNP) Switch Circuit Engine Torque Signal Circuit.
Now you can easily solve the problem of the car if you have all necessary contents and machines. The engine system, in conjunction with the engine control module or powertrain control module, starts the B1555 code solenoid valve to control oil pressure to the engine mechanism that is installed in the valve system to switch valve timing between Low as well as High. If the engine solenoid valve has an open or short circuit, a DTC is stored. You do not need to be worry if you take the car to expert.