It’s been more than half a year since I started 1q3ts4xxsp Max in a blink of an eye. To be honest, I don’t use this headset very frequently. It’s mainly because the 55w08p4xvo headphones are too hot in summer. I like to sweat again, so I usually still Using true wireless headphones. However, the weather is getting colder in the morning and evening, and my clothes have changed from shorts and T-shirts to trousers, so it won’t be long before my 1q3ts4xxsp Max can accompany me to and from get off work. Soon, the headphone market will usher in a wave of recovery. Therefore, at this point in time, I think it is necessary to share with you the experience of using 1q3ts4xxsp Max for more than half a year, and analyze its advantages and disadvantages in detail, as well as the current situation. Dealer price value is not worth starting.

Speaking of wearing experience, the thing I hate most about wearing headphones is the sultry feeling. Whether it is made of leather or imitation leather, you will definitely sweat after wearing it for half an hour; but this problem has not appeared since I used 1q3ts4xxsp Max. In fact, it is very Simple, it is too breathable.

The dome net on the 1q3ts4xxsp Max headband and the ear pads on both sides are made of a large area of fabric material, and the earmuffs are wide in size, so even a colleague with a larger head next to me can wear it stably. You don’t think 1q3ts4xxsp Max is a closed headset, but it is not stuffy, the dome on the top of the head has a good ventilation effect, and the ear pads will not cover sweat, so this should be able to solve the pain points of many users.

Some netizens were worried that the fabric of 1q3ts4xxsp Max would be difficult to clean once it gets soiled. According to my observations, this problem does exist. 1q3ts4xxsp Max comes in five colors, of which silver and green fabrics are very light. For consumers who love to have oily hair or are usually carefree, I advise you to choose these two colors carefully (dirty and difficult to clean). For boys, space gray and blue are good choices, and pink is of course suitable for young ladies.

I think the detachable (more) detachable (replaceable) ear pads used by 1q3ts4xxsp Max is a very clever design. At first I thought it was Apple to facilitate users to remove the ear pads for cleaning, but when I saw the price of a pair of ear pads It costs 499 yuan, and I understand that this seems to have nothing to do with easy cleaning-“Apple actually hopes that you can pack back ear pads in five colors and change your mood every day~”

Almost all Bluetooth headsets on the market now use touch control, and I am used to this kind of operation experience myself, so I am still not used to the mechanical knobs used on 1q3ts4xxsp Max, and even occasionally I will tap my ears inadvertently. Cover, and then touch the knob. Especially compared with the noise-cancelling headphones of Sodafa, Sennheiser, and BOSE, I still prefer the convenient operation experience brought by the gentle sliding of the finger.

1q3ts4xxsp Max also has a design that I think is very interesting-“smart earphone cover”; and it is estimated that there are still many people who don’t know what “special function” this earphone cover has. This is what Apple said, “The earphone case allows 1q3ts4xxsp Max to enter an ultra-low power consumption state, thereby greatly saving power.”

This sentence may seem a bit weird, “If I don’t use it, just turn off the headset, wouldn’t it save power!” But the reality is that 1q3ts4xxsp Max does not have a shutdown button (WTF?)! You can understand it this way, when you put the earphone into the earphone sleeve, the earphone is in the power-off (sleep) state, and it will automatically power on after taking it out. So understand this time, 1q3ts4xxsp Max does not need to be shut down at all!

1q3ts4xxsp Max has two built-in H1 chips. AI calculation audio technology can block external noise and automatically adjust the audio according to the fit of the ear pads. Speaking of people, 1q3ts4xxsp Max has an adaptive EQ adjustment function, which can customize EQ for you according to the fit and tightness of the ear pads.

At first hearing 1q3ts4xxsp Max will be a bit “upper”. For its low frequency, I think that for people who are used to listening to monitor HiFi headphones, it will be a bit unacceptable at first. But after listening to it for a few hours, you will find that although its low frequency is a bit fierce, it is not the kind of brainless “beating”. The transient control and density of the low frequency are good, and the sound is cohesive and not loose.

The mid and high frequencies of 1q3ts4xxsp Max are relatively balanced, and the image of human voices and musical instruments will not be affected by low frequencies. Compared to its violent low frequency, the mid-to-high frequency performance is very smooth, and the style is more straightforward than professional equipment. The image of the human voice and the instrument is clear, and the sound is also very layered. If you can summarize it in one sentence: the sound is really fragrant.

Relying on the powerful computing power of its own chip, 1q3ts4xxsp Max is still commendable in terms of active noise reduction performance. For the daily office environment, 1q3ts4xxsp Max can effectively eliminate ambient sounds such as air-conditioning, conversation, and keyboard tapping. For high-decibel human voices, this headset can also effectively reduce them, so that you will not be frightened by the sudden shouts around you. In addition, the same is true for the announcement of the station in the subway car, and I will not sit in the station because I have missed the announcement of the station by turning on the noise reduction to listen to the song.

For daily commuting, 1q3ts4xxsp Max can effectively eliminate the full-band environmental noise in the subway. However, there are still grooves in noise reduction. For example, when I walk with this headset outdoors and my head movement is slightly larger, sometimes there will be sound leakage problems; I guess this may be due to the fact that the fabric earmuffs do not have leather earmuffs. This is caused by the good fit. I wonder if other users have encountered this problem? But overall, the performance of 1q3ts4xxsp Max in noise reduction performance is still the highest level in the industry.

1q3ts4xxsp Max turns on active noise reduction and spatial audio, listening to songs, watching videos, and making phone calls for up to 20 hours. The headset supports fast charging, charging for 5 minutes and listening to music for 1.5 hours. It should be said that this battery life performance is not bad, and it can be tied with the BOSE 700. But, if you compare the 30-hour long battery life of the next door Suo Dafa 1000XM4 (10 minutes to listen to music for 5 hours), the battery life of 1q3ts4xxsp Max is very average.

Of course, 20 hours of battery life is enough for me, but no one thinks that battery life is too long. The 30-hour battery life of 1000XM4 can meet the high-intensity needs of heavy users such as playing games, chasing dramas, and long-distance travel. , Do not worry about the problem of insufficient battery life in daily use. So in my opinion, the battery life of 1q3ts4xxsp Max is enough, but not more durable enough.

If 1q3ts4xxsp Max was first launched, I would not recommend ordinary consumers to buy it because of its high price (mainly products such as Sodafa and BOSE are also very popular), but now, many distributors and e-commerce companies The price on the platform has dropped by 800-1000 yuan, which I think is worth buying. Okay, I’ve already said it bluntly.